Video Security Monitoring (VSM)

VSM is our pride and joy! No system on the market is quite like it and no other local company is offering a product like this to keep you and your business safe. Visual Security Monitoring has resulted in dozens of arrests of burglars that attempted to break into our clients’ properties before they even made it inside. In fact, police were dispatched and the arrest was made before the alarm ever tripped. It is truly the most effective security system available. It’s like having a digital guard on-site at your business every time you close. You will be able to sleep well at night with this service knowing that your business is protected at the highest level available on the market. This system goes well beyond any conventional burglar alarm system in the industry.

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How Live Video Monitoring Works

Once an intruder approaches your building, it trips a virtual alarm trigger. SCP agents are instantly alerted and able to view your cameras immediately. At this point, SCP agents will give a verbal warning to the intruder such as, “You are trespassing on private property. Leave immediately or the police will be dispatched.” If the intruder ignores the verbal commands, then agents will get very specific to let them know they are being watched, pointing out the color of their clothing or items they are carrying. They will also trigger the sirens and strobes to create attention to the intruder and notify authorities so the intruder can be dealt with by the police.

The end result for you and your business? The intruder will either leave your property or be arrested. That’s peace of mind!

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We proudly install and service the wireless Ring home security system.

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Earn Recurring Monthly Revenue with the Virtual Guard Server plug-and-play security solution. Let SCP take over.


Virtual Guard Server

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