Virtual Escort

Introducing Virtual Escort, an app that gives you a new meaning to comfort, and security. With features such as the “Panic Button”, and “Live Virtual Escort”, you can send alerts and live video streams straight to an SCP agent, and your local authorities. Get a piece of mind knowing that with this Virtual Escort you’re never alone.

This app provides many more wonderful features such as:

  • Timed Escort or Standby Guard Services “Proactive Security”
    This allows the user to set a timer that if expires automatically sends an alert to the security personnel for further assessment of threat. Example: Realtor showing a home sets timer for 10 minutes. Just long enough to know if the person they are showing the home to is trustworthy.
  • Discrete Two-Way Chat
    We’ve got you back, discreetly communicating to ensure safety. If someone is uncomfortable or feel unsafe we’re here to listen and make sure things run smoothly.
  • Panic Button:
    With the press of a button, an emergency situation just got announced to everyone around and to your monitoring center. The phone starts wailing like a siren and an on-demand safety agent tracks, talks, monitors and records video from their device.
  • Critical Details Shared With First Responders
    A GPS location during an emergency can be life saving. We respond directly to first responders with detailed information so they are up to speed and ready to assist upon arrival on the scene.


Trust us to provide the safety and security you need!

If you would like to sign up for this feature please fill out the form and a SCP agent will contact you within 24 hours.