” Sell Live Video Monitoring to your clients at the rate you set yourself.
We handle everything from there – under your brand & name.
We are here to expand your brand, client base & RMR.
When you grow – we grow. “

SCP (Security Central Protection) offers Dealers and Installers the best and fastest way to increase Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR).

SCP’s Central Monitoring Station can remotely monitor all of your client’s security cameras.

All you need to do is sell the Live Video Monitoring service to your clients.

SCP handles the work and servicing of the account from there all branded under your name.

SCP wants to be the partner that helps you expand your brand, client base & RMR.

Increase your RMR

Increase your RMR by selling our Live Video Monitoring Service to your customers.

We give you wholesale prices and you bill your clients at the rate you choose.

SCP Dealer Program

Our suggested MSRP for our Live Video Monitoring Service is $75/camera/month.

We offer you wholesale dealer pricing and you can decide what price to charge your customers.

This is a great way to earn Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). If you are installing cameras or security systems, this is a great product to add to your service packages. Equipment is all plug-and-play. Simply purchase the Virtual Guard Server and install it at your customers location.

After you install the cameras, the unit scans the network and adds the cameras. Our system is compatible with almost all manufacturers. Simply give us a call and we can verify the compatibility.

Then, let SCP take over. We handle all programming, configuration, and monitoring. We provide full support to you and the end-user 24 hours a day. We will make sure your customer is always up and running.

Bill the customer. You bill all your clients at the rate that you choose. We send you one bill (dealer pricing) for all the cameras monitored.


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